FULL HOME INSPECTION - All In The Family Home Inspections
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All In The Family Home Inspections in Palm Harbor, FL wants to ensure you receive the full home inspection report that you need. Whether it be for insurance purposes or for purchasing a new home and being able to negotiate based upon the things we may find that may need attention. It is important to us to deliver you with the tools you need, to ensure you can fully be comfortable with your home. Servicing Palm Harbor, FL and Tampa Bay Area!

What areas will be checked in my Home Inspection?


  • Roof – roof penetrations, guttering, and other roof components
  • Structural Components – Foundation, crawl space, ventilation, insulation, vapor retarders
  • Home Exterior – wall cladding, trim, paint, doors, windows, soffits & facias,  porches, decks, drives and walkways, etc.
  • Garage / Carport – ceilings, walls, floor, garage door operation, etc
  • Electrical – Incoming service, panel, grounding, GFCI, smoke detectors, outlets and switches, hard wired devices, etc.
  • Slab – Crawl space, water penetration, moisture content, mold
  • Plumbing – drain, waste and vent systems, shut-offs, water heater, piping, showers, toilets, sinks, fixtures, etc.
  • Heating/Cooling Equipment – condition and operation, operating controls, fireplaces, etc
  • Attic – Insulation, framing, leaks, ventilation, etc.
  • General Interior – walls, ceilings, floors, doors, stairs, fireplaces, stairways, bath exhaust
  • Kithens & Appliances – Stove, dishwasher, ventilation, cabinets, range hood, counters, drawers, outlets
  • Grounds – drainage, hazards, etc