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Home Inspection Problems


Home Inspection Problems

10 Most Common Home Inspection Problems

Inspections are in important piece of the home buying process. Whether you are a buyer or a seller this list of potential home inspection problems can be crucial to signing the final papers.  Knowing what inspectors commonly find can be very useful.  Here is a list of the top 10 things found at the time of inspection:

HVAC problems

Outdated, old or poorly maintained HVAC units and improper installation is common.  Inefficient units can lead to problems down the road and higher energy bills.

Minor structural damage

Minor issues such as broken trusses in the attic as well as missing structural components don’t usually signify a safety hazard.

Electrical wiring issues

Outdated, damaged or improperly installed wiring is common especially in older homes. This is a major safety issue and must be dealt with.

Cracking and riding around windows

Structural cracks around windows can allow air and water to enter which can cause rotting and mold growth.  Depending on the age of the windows and how many have issues, they may need repair or replacement which could be costly.

Roof issues

Worn out roofing or poorly install roofing is a common finding. Also flashing that needs to be repaired or replaced could be noted. For a full roof assessment contact a licensed roofer.

Plumbing problems

An inspector looks at drains and pipes for problems.  Outdated piping, leaks or slow drains can usually be repaired.

Environmental hazards

Mold growth is the most common environmental problem. In order to get to the root of the problem the buyer may request further evaluation.

Overall poor maintenance

If a home was never properly maintained on a regular basis, then many issues will be evident. An overhaul of certain areas could be required to bring the home to good condition.

Poor exterior drainage

Poor drainage could be caused by poor roofing or grading issues. Pooling water is not good for the structure of the home.

Poor insulation and ventilation in the attic

If a home is poorly ventilated or insulated you will be losing heating or air conditioning. This could drastically increase your energy costs.

Home inspections are important for buyers and sellers. Hopefully this list of the most common issues found in home inspections will help you navigate the sale or purchase of your next home. There are many different types of inspections, to find the one right for your home, contact the experts at All in the Family Home Inspections.

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