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NACHI Home Inspector


NACHI Home Inspector

What is NACHI and Why is NACHI home inspector certification important?

Florida law requires all home inspectors to have the appropriate certification however all certifications are not created equal. The most prominent type of certification a home inspector could have is NACHI Home Inspector Certification which stands for National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.    There are many benefits and reasons why All in the Family Home Inspections is a proud member of NACHI.

Extensive training – In order to receive NACHI certification you must go through a thorough curriculum including many online, video and live classroom courses.

Expertise – All NACHI certified inspectors have taken specific courses that relate to the exterior and interior of the home. Courses include foundation, heating and cooling, roofing, plumbing and electrical systems. Your certified inspector will be knowledgeable in all of these areas.  There are at least 12 courses that an inspector must complete in order to receive proper certification. There are even options for advanced certification in specialized areas through NACHI as well.

When you are looking for a home inspector certifications do matter. The experts at All in the Family Home Inspections have been highly qualified through courses and training programs through NACHI,  the most respected home inspection certification program available. We can assure you that your home inspection will be top notch.

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