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Do You Need an Attic Inspection?

Do You Need an Attic Inspection?

4 Reasons why the attic is inspected

When looking at home the attic could be one of the last places you think about. Most buyers are mostly concerned with layout and curb appeal. However the attic is very important to many parts of the homes condition. Here are the top reasons why the attic needs to be inspected during a home inspection.

Water damage

Water damage can be quite a problem for any home. Your inspector will check for water stains, wet insulation and obvious leaks from the roof. There could also be moisture around pipes that can lead to rotting wood. If there is a furnace or HVAC unit in the attic it will be checked for leaks. There should be no rust on anything in the attic as this could indicate moisture build up. Water damage is costly and negatively affects the structure of the home.

Attic insulation

Insulation in the attic greatly affects your energy efficiency in your home. The inspector will make sure the insulation is in good condition and in the proper locations.  Insulation that has water stains or is wet indicates an issue with moisture.  Insulation that is torn or ripped could be caused by animals and leads to energy inefficiency.

Animal evidence and damage

Any type of critters living in your attic is problematic. Rodents such as squirrels, chipmunks, rats or raccoons can take up residence leaving an array of droppings, nest materials and other damage. Rats or squirrels could chew through wires and insulation causing major problems in your attic. These rodents will also use any materials such as insulation to make nests.  It is important for you to know if critters of any kind have been or currently are residing in the attic.

Visible damage of attic supports

Your inspector will look at the trusses and rafters in the attic for cracks, damage or other structural issues. These structural features are important for the balance and structure of the entire home.

After fire damage

Damage from a fire will be obvious. Wood would be discolored and there could be soot in the area. In addition white paint could indicate a cover-up of a damaged piece of wood from smoke or fire. This is highly important for the potential homeowner to know.

A home inspection is a very detailed report about the way the home works. Having the attic properly inspected is imperative to knowing the full condition of the home. When you are ready for an expert home inspection call the professionals at All in the Family Home Inspections.

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