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New Construction Home Inspection


New Construction Home Inspection

Do I need a home inspection for a newly built home?

You may question if you need a new construction home inspection. Most people know that having a home inspection when you buy an already lived in home is necessary. What you may be wondering is if a home inspection is necessary for a new build. If you are building a home you may just be assuming that you don’t need an inspection however you should absolutely have an inspection. Here are the top reasons why your brand-new home needs a home inspection.

New doesn’t always mean problem free

A brand-new home looks shiny new and pristine because nobody has lived in it yet. However when you are the first people to live in the home you are essentially the first ones that will be using all of the systems and appliances in the home on a regular basis. You should have everything inspected prior to signing the final papers for your own safety so that any issues can be taken care of before moving day.

Code violations

While it may not be common it does happen. New homes may not be up to code. A home inspector will take a careful look at the electrical, HVAC and other items to make sure that they are up to building codes. The county home inspector’s job is to make sure that the home meets minimum building codes not necessarily exceeds them. If you expect the safety and codes to exceed builder’s grade then you should certainly hire a home inspector. Also the code inspector could have missed something and the home inspector will pick it up.  If an inspector finds issues they will need to be resolved by the bulder before the closing of the home.

Double inspection

Ideally you should have the home inspected two times. This will give you piece of mind that everything is ok inside and out.  Before the walls are closed in an inspector can come and check the framing, wiring and anything else that will be hidden behind close walls. Once the walls are closed in the inspector should come back so the rest of the home can be expected.

If you are building a new home or planning on buying a new home you certainly need to hire an inspector for your own safety and to make sure that the house is properly built. When you need a home inspection company that you can trust call the experts at All in the Family Home Inspections.

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