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Present During Home Inspection


Present During Home Inspection

Should I be present during the home inspection?

When you are in the process of purchasing a new home there will be a variety of important things to take care of before the final closing date. One of those things is the home inspection. The inspection will be a thorough examination of the home’s interior and exterior by a professional. Even though the home inspector will do a full and thorough write up of the inspection there is no substitute for you being present while the home is being looked at. You are spending a large amount of money on the home purchase and you should be there to fully understand everything about the home.

Learn about the HVAC

If you come to the inspection and shadow the inspector you can learn quite a few things about the state of the home and how it works. You will learn you can find out how the home’s HVAC system is running. HVAC replacement is very costly and knowing how well the system works upfront is important information.

Gain important info about the roof

Another area that the inspector will check out is the roof. The inspector will look for leaks, damage or any other issues that the roof may have. A new roof is also costly and you can find out the age of the current roof.

See the appliances in action

The inspector will check the functionality of all the homes appliances that are included in the sale. Your inspector will be able to give you some advice on the age and efficiency of the appliances as well as any helpful tips.

Locate Shut off valves

As you walk around the home with the inspector they will show you where the water, electric and gas shut off valves are. Knowing where these are is extremely helpful for home safety and for maintenance reasons as well.

Ask Questions

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to come to the home inspection is so that you can ask questions. Every home is different and has different components. Any questions that you may have or issues that you notice you can ask immediately and directly to the inspector.

Being present at the inspection of your new home purchase is very important.  The more you know about your home before you move in the better for you and your family. When you are in need of a home inspector,  call the experts at All in the Family Home Inspections.

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