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Roof Certification


Roof Certification

What is roof certification and why do I need it?

A major part of the success in any home sale is the home inspection. This process is imperative to knowing the home inside and out before signing the final papers. One of the areas of the home that can be inspected thoroughly is the roof. Replacement of roof is one of the home repairs that is quite costly. Also many insurance providers require roofing to be up to par before insuring a home, especially regarding FHA loans. Here are the reasons why you should have your roof certified:

What is roof certification?

A certified inspector will check the roof thoroughly and issue a warranty on its condition. This warranty will state that the roof will last at least three more years in its current condition. Also in order for a roof certification to be granted, roofing repairs may have to have been made and the certification will divulge that.   A certification document can be a helpful piece in demonstrating to a potential buyer, the condition of the home.

Location, Price and a Reliable Roof

We all know that location and price matters when buying a home but one of the other factors is the state of the home’s roof. Since the roof is the barrier to all of the outside elements it needs to be in great shape in order to assure the quality on the inside. With roof certification you can show your buyers that the roof is in great shape.

Roof Condition

When you have a roof certification document it will state the current condition of the roof. The material, composition and state of granules will be looked at and documented.   There will be an estimate of how much longer the roof will last. Knowing the condition of the roof will be helpful for buyers and sellers.

Mortgage and Insurance

One thing your mortgage appraiser will look at is the condition of the roof.   If the roof is in poor condition you may not get a mortgage. Also your insurance company may have issues with covering your home if the roof is in poor condition. Getting a mortgage with a roof certification document will go a long way to assuring approval as well as the quality of the home’s roof.

If you would like to enhance the sale of your home then having a roof certification inspection can be helpful. It will show potential buyers that the roof of the home is in good condition. Take a look at our sample reports and then call the inspection experts at All in the Family to schedule an appointment.

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