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Wind Mitigation Inspection


Wind Mitigation Inspection

If you are a Florida resident you may or may not be familiar with wind medication insurance and inspections. There are many benefits to having a wind mitigation inspection for your Florida home or business. You will receive a discount on your insurance if your home ever has damage due to a storm or hurricane.

Why is a wind mitigation inspection important?

Hiring a home inspector is part of your home buying process. During the inspection your home or business will be assessed to determine what type of damage it could sustain during a strong storm. Florida is one of the first states that required insurance companies to offer a price reduction if you provide a certified wind mitigation inspection.

What does a wind mitigation inspection entail?

Your home or business will be evaluated through eight key factors. After inspection a report is created and you may be recommended to make improvements or repairs that could enhance your home or business’s sustainability during heavy winds. Once you have the final report in hand you can submit it to your insurance company and your discount will depend on how well your home or business was rated.

Here is what is specifically looked at:

Roof covering- inspectors will make sure it is up to building codes and will also determine the age of the roof.

Roof decking attachment- The inspector will find out what type of decking has been used and if it is nailed or stapled down.

Roof to wall attachment-The inspector will determine how the trusses are attached and determine the strength of this attachment.

Roof geometry-The shape of your roof is assessed based on its sustainability during strong winds.

Gable end bracing- If you have a gable style roof the ends should be braced up to building standards. The inspector will be sure the roof is reinforced properly.

Wall construction – The supplies used in your home for framing, reinforcements and additional materials will be assessed for strength and sustainability.

Secondary water barrier – This is a material that is mostly in newer homes and roofs after 2008.The inspector will determine if you have this protective barrier.

Opening protection – All of the openings on your home such as shutters, doors, windows and sliders will be checked for hurricane proof ratings.


When mitigation inspection may not be a requirement for insurance however you will likely see some type of discount if you have the inspection. In the long run it is a cost-effective option if you live in the coastal regions such as Palm Harbor. If you would like more information or want to schedule a wind mitigation inspection, call the experts at All in the Family Home Inspections.

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